My Top Five Art Prints, by Sam.

    The team at Beach House Art have each picked their top 5 art prints, read below why they love they love them and what they mean.


    Art is not just something pleasing to look at, it is a very emotive media, often conjuring up memories and emotions. We've asked our founders to go through the collection and pick out their top 5 art prints, and tell us why they've chosen them.

    1. Personalised Book Cover Art, Custom Song Lyric Print | Available in multiple colours & sizes

    David Bowie is obviously a musical legend and I do love a kitchen dance and entertaining, so I customised my own book cover art print with the name of my favourite Bowie song.  It is the perfect print for me. It’s a happy and fun print that’s perfect for the kitchen or dining area.

    You can choose your own favourite song, lyrics and artist to create your own. Or as a really unique gift for someone else. 

    2. Jade Surfer Print | Aerial Beach Photography Framed | Available in different sizes & unframed

    I am a very amateur surfer but I love to get in the sea. Polzeath in Cornwall is my favourite surfing beach in the UK. We don’t normally get the amazing surf and sea conditions that the surfer in this photo has though!

    3. Slip Knot (Knot Print Wall Art) - Unframed | Available in different sizes & framed

    I have watched Brian learn to tie these nautical knots and then paint them in our studio. I really love the indigo colour and the brush stroke texture he has achieved. They look simple but they are actually quite complicated to paint. The are also really interior friendly and suit any interior scheme. This range is one of our best sellers.

    We have a blog on how Brian painted the Knot Series, if you fancy having a go yourself!

    4. Vitamin Sea in Seagrass | Word & Quote Art Print 

    This series of wall art was created by our Australian artist friend Kim. She has a fine art degree in colour and I consider her the oracle when it comes to beachy-cool. I love, love, love this seagrass colour she has chosen. 

    The type font and the quote is also great and you always feel amazing after a wild swim in the river or sea.

    Check out our other feel-good typography art prints here. 

    5. Vintage Map of Cornwall | County of Cornwall Map Art Print

    I used to love looking at maps when I was younger, I know it’s a bit geeky, but hey - I wanted to travel! Our vintage county and city maps are full of gorgeous colours and add a lovely vintage feel to any room. 1 vintage piece I your room or gallery wall can add so much authenticity to your space, I love it.

    Find your favourite destination, and you can even customise your own maps here.  

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