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    How to Hang Art Prints - A Practical Guide to Hanging Pictures at Home

    Right… so you’ve chosen some beautiful art pictures to suit your home decor. But where and how high should you hang them? We are here to help you hang your wall art right, first time.

    framed modern art pictures hanging in a gallery wall

    Beach House Art gallery wall

    The only guide you need to read To hang a Picture Like a Pro

    The Contents:

    • Tip #1 How to hang wall art? It’s all about eye level - the basic rules to follow when hanging your pictures.
    • TIP #2: Hanging multiple art prints as a set - the exception to the rule.
    • TIP #3: Approach to hanging art walls (or gallery walls) - different sizes of wall art.
    • Tip #4: How to work out the correct level for picture hooks, measuring, stringing & fixing pictures to the wall (with or without nails)

    The Beach House Art Guide to Hanging a Picture, Successfully! 

    We specialise in creating beautiful, modern art prints in our studio and we have years of experience in hanging framed art pictures in our customer’s homes, so we’ve come up with some simple tips for how to hang wall art correctly. After reading this guide you’ll never have to worry if you’re hanging wall art at the wrong height again.

    Here are our top tips for hanging pictures:

    Tip #1 How to hang wall art? It’s all about eye level

    how high do you hang wall art? hanging art prints guide
    how high to hang art prints guide

    The most common mistake we see is wall art hung too high or too low. We have a golden rule that it’s all about ‘eye-level’. 

    Yes, we know everyone is a different height and therefore, so is eye level, but we tend to work around displaying the centre of the art print at eye level, being approximately 150cm or 60” from the floor. The centre of the picture should be eye level.

    beach house art framed art prints hanging above a sofa in a house in cornwall

    However, sometimes the ‘eye level’ rule doesn’t apply, like if you’re hanging your wall art above furniture such as a sofa, console table or a bedhead. In this case aim for the bottom of the picture frame to be approximately 20cm or 8”, and centred above the piece of furniture. 

    how to hang wall art above a sofa
    how high to hang wall art above a sofa guide

    This will make your picture a focal point above the furniture and part of the overall interior design. Art prints hung above furniture should be ideally approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture – either a single framed print or multiple prints, like a gallery wall. (see Tip #2)

    Hanging wall art above a bed
    how to hang art prints above a bed guide

    TIP #2: Treat multiple art prints as a complete set of wall art

    When hanging two or more pieces of wall art, treat the grouping as one and follow the eye level rule for this one, combined art set. Find the centre of the cluster of pictures and place this at eye level. You'll notice art galleries and museums do this very well, by using an anchor or main piece of art to work out from.

    how to hang art wall or gallery wall guide
    how to hang sets of art prints above sofa

    When hanging multiple art prints, select a pattern to follow. It can be a simple grid or a more organic layout that suits your personality and home decor style. With whatever pattern you chose, try to keep consistent spacing between the frames of varying sizes.

    The ideal spacing between the art prints depends on the size of each picture frames. If they’re small to medium-sized, we tend to use a gap of around 5cm or 2” between frames. If larger, we would go for 10cm or 4”. 

    Place the art prints next to each other flat on a table or the floor first, before you start knocking holes in your wall, to work out what size spacing works best. By doing so, you can play around with the configuration, see how they look when placed next to one another, and determine their optimal arrangement.

    Every scenario is different, so at the end of the day, make sure you love the way your wall art is displayed. Trust your judgement.

    beach house art blue vintage seaweed art prints

    TIP #3: Approach to hanging Art Walls / Gallery Walls

    As in Tip #2 treat multiple art prints or Gallery Walls / Art Walls as one when determining the overall height on the wall. Lay the art prints on the floor or a table, measuring the spacing between each picture frame. We always recommend doing this before you get the hammer and nails out. (Read the tips below if you don't want to use nails to fix your pictures to the wall)

    beach house art guide to planning a gallery wall

    BONUS TIP: It’s much harder to use a picture rail to hang an art wall, unless you can do it correctly and neatly, you will end up with picture wire everywhere. So it’s probably easier to fix the pictures straight on the wall, using traditional picture hooks or, if you don't want to use nails, Command Strips.

    Another approach is to make a “rough draft” before hanging. Start by cutting paper into templates the size of your wall art including picture frames and tape them to the wall with masking or painter’s tape. 

    This will give you a better sense of how your art will look prior to hanging your art prints, without punching a series of unneeded holes into your wall.

    Tip #4: How to work out the Correct level for picture hooks

    Follow the simple calculation on the illustration below to work out the correct level to secure your picture fixings to the wall.  

    how to hang art guide, how to measure frames for hanging

    How to take correct measurements if your framed art print has only a single fixing method.

    hanging framed art prints
    how to hang framed art prints

    How to Hang a Heavy Picture 

    If your framed art print is heavy it may require two fixing methods to secure it to the wall. Here are some additional tips; if your picture frame has string, use a book or magazine (as in the image below) approximately half the width of the framed wall art to work out the fixing position, in order to get the correct measurements for your picture hook. See below.

    measuring to fix framed wall art
    hanging framed wall art
    how to hang framed wall art

    We hope you enjoyed reading this picture hanging guide, if you have any questions please get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.

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