How To Create A Gallery Wall

    An introduction & guide to building a show-stopping gallery wall - to suit your style.

    Read through our helpful tips and tricks which will make you feel less daunted in styling your own gallery art wall - in any room in your home. 


     Gallery wall in dining area

    Gather some inspiration by visiting Pinterest


    What is a gallery wall / art wall? 


    A gallery wall, art wall, or sometimes known as a picture wall, is a great way to express your personality in your interior, so take the opportunity to be bold, have faith in your choices. Some of the best gallery walls are added over time, so you can start small and build it up. Building up a large gallery wall in a space can make a room feel homely, personal and entirely inhabited. 

    Firstly, art is personal and therefore, there isn't a right way to approach a gallery wall. So the following are just tips. You can do it badly but more of that later.


    Create a gallery wall full of prints which have a common vibe for cohesion

    Splashes of colour can add to the rooms overall aesthetic ⁠(Beach House Art prints)

    For some ideas on some Beach House Art prints for gallery walls;

    • BRIGHT & BOLD Bring instant sunshine into your room with bright art prints
    • SEA GREENS Create calm and peace, with soothing, soulful sea greens
    • BANISH THE BLUES Your very own window to a relaxing coastal retreat
    • SIMPLY SCANDI Paired back and minimal, clean yet cozy, hygge vibes


    Here are some basic tips to help you build a gallery wall


    Mix it up. Art sizes, frames, art styles and textures. You can use just art or add photos, postcards, trinkets and ornaments. Adding different frame styles and sizes adds interest to the room, it really depends on the interior style you’re going for. Mixing it up will add texture to your art wall and make it look more personal and fun. 


    gallery wall on a dark wall with personal additions 

    Don't limit your gallery wall to only art, think photos, trinkets and other decorative items too

     "if you're unsure where to start with choosing art prints for your style, browse through out BESTSELLERS for some inspiration"


    Choosing a colour pallet  - style you gallery wall around a common theme

    One of the first things to do is to decide on the colouring. As with wall paints. Think of the way the room faces, the current colours in the room and what colours will go with them. If you have a north facing room, try warmer colours, this will take some of the coolness out of the light in your room.


    This video from Crown Paints explains how to choose colours for your home 


    Picking the right colours and hues and tones for your room 


    If you have a south facing room you can try cooler colours as they will be getting a warm light during the day. If you don’t have much natural light, go for it and go deep! We love going for really bold colours in a snug, it can be daunting but pays off if you get it right. 


    pick a common theme for your gallery wall

    Consider the colours already in the room and pick one of these as the base to your colour palette. 




    Cool colours, monochrome and neutrals look fantastic in a room with lots of natural light


    Creating a cohesive look that's personal to your style

    Pick up the same colours in different prints so they tie in and don't look completely out of place. If you have a flash of colour in one print, match it with a colour in another. If you have a theme or an interior style you can match the prints to that. Theme isn't our favourite word to describe your vibe, as it's more personal than that, but it does work.



    Consistency creates a unified theme ⁠(Beach House Art prints)


    Examples of a gallery wall in a beach house in Cornwall - styled by Beach House Art

    We recently created a small gallery wall, which will be added to over time, in a beach house in Cornwall. We had a coastal/nautical theme to work with, so chose a monochrome navy colour theme. It gives the room a sense of place.



    Monochrome, nautical, navy gallery wall in a beach house in Cornwall

    Nautical monochrome gallery wall in a beach house in Cornwall. Beach House Art Coastal Collection 


    We also added a surfboard to give it texture, interest and a splash of fun. As it's a holiday let property with high traffic we didn't want to add too much to the wall, sometimes less is more. Consider the room's use when planning your gallery wall.


    Surfboard adding interest to gallery wall in a beach house in cornwall

     Add colour, fun and texture with props that help to showcase the theme 


    Where to place a gallery wall 

    There are many places to to consider when choosing the wall space to hang the gallery wall. This can be a small wall, such as under the stairs (which we love) or a big dining room or living room wall, it really doesn't matter.


    Planning the layout for a gallery wall 

    Layout the art on the floor or a bed, in front of the wall to visualise it. This is important! Play around with the spacing and order of the wall art. We recommend trying to keep the spacing between the prints uniform. So work out what that should be, before you start to hang. It takes a while to get it right. 


    The tools and resources you need for hanging the perfect gallery wall 


    Picture hanging strips 

    These are removable and come in different sizes, to hold various weights. Perfect if you think you'll want to chop and change your gallery wall over time, as they won't damage the paint work. Also great if you live in a rental property. 


    Frog Tape

    This is a great way to plan your gallery wall on the wall, as shown below, this will allow you to stand back and visualise your prints on the chosen wall, after you have planned it on the floor. Making sure your happy with the outcome before you get the hammer out. The delicate Frog Tape won't pull the paint off your walls. 




    Pinterest is a great source of information when it comes to looking for inspiration for everything interior related, including planning your gallery wall. Chances are, someone has already planned it out for you. 



    Planning is KEY - lay it out and have some fun with your design! 
    Planning a gallery wall - preparation is keySam from Beach House Art planning the layout for the gallery art wall for a holiday let in Cornwall


    For some ideas on some Beach House Art prints for gallery walls, check out the other posts in our blog...