How To Choose Wall Art For Your Kitchen

    Adding art to your kitchen walls can elevate your space, infusing it with flavour, personality, and a touch of style. 

    food inspired art prints - set of three shellfish art prints in kitchen above kitchen worktop

    A set of food inspired shellfish prints, painted in our studio by Brian for the whole collection check them out here.

    How to Choose Art for Your Kitchen: Adding Flavour and Style

    If you are anything like us, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time, whether we like it or not. So you may as well make it a lovely space to be in.

    It is the heart of our homes, where delicious or quick and easy meals are prepared, the family congregate, and memories are made.

    It's a space that brings people together and serves as a hub for culinary creativity, family time and time with friends. Homework is done, and wine is drunk around the kitchen table with friends.

    Here's a comprehensive guide to help you choose art for your kitchen.

    Coastal Art Print in kitchen next to cooker

    We love having a crisp print near the cooker hood or kitchen preparation area, so you can enjoy it whilst you cook.

    Find the Focal Point of Your Kitchen: Positioning Your Kitchen Artwork

    Before selecting art, it's best to identify the focal point of your kitchen and, therefore, where is best for your kitchen art placement.

    The focal point is the area or element that naturally draws the eye and serves as the visual centrepiece of the space. In a lot of kitchens, the focal point is often the cooking range or stove area, as it's where the culinary magic happens.

    Once you've determined the focal point, you can choose art that enhances and complements your kitchen.

    If the focal point is your cooker, consider placing a statement piece or a collection of smaller artworks by the stove area to draw attention and enhance the area of the kitchen you spend much of your time.

    This can be to the side of the cooker hood or a bare wall to the side of the cooking area, as the picture above shows.

    The second most common focal point in a kitchen diner is above the dining table, see below. This is a perfect spot for some art. It is where you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. We love the below image that shows a large square beach painting above a dining table.

    Large beach painting above kitchen dining table. Blue sea painting in kitchen

    The focal point is often above the dining table. This a really simple and effective way to make a smart impact with art in your kitchen space. 

    What size of art should you choose for your Kitchen?

    When choosing art for your kitchen, the scale is also an important consideration.

    For larger kitchen walls, you can go for a statement piece or create a gallery wall with multiple smaller artworks. Big prints work really well above a kitchen table, as above which we love love love.

    In smaller kitchens, select a size that doesn't overwhelm the space and focus on a key area such as above the sink or on open shelves, which we adore.

    botanical art print gallery wall in kitchen. Set of 6 seaweed prints in kitchen

    A set of our seaweed prints add visual impact to a kitchen wall with a set of small prints.

    Softening the Functional Space with Kitchen Art

    While kitchens are primarily functional spaces, they benefit hugely from a touch of art to soften the harder surfaces.

    Artwork brings warmth, personality, and visual interest to your kitchen, transforming it into a more inviting and inspiring environment.

    So what style of artwork will work in your kitchen?

    Try to Find a Theme that Fits Your Kitchen: Choosing a Theme or Kitchen Art Style

    Kitchen Art doesn’t necessarily follow trends but our top 4 print themes for your kitchen are:

    1. Food and Beverage Art

    Celebrate the culinary world by incorporating food and beverage-themed artwork. These images can add a touch of charm and whimsy to your kitchen while reflecting your love for cooking and enjoying good food. 

    Our shellfish prints are very popular in kitchens, and they are some of our best-selling kitchen art prints. They have all been painted in our studio, and we especially love the Lobster prints and the paint colours Brian has used.


    set of three food art prints in kitchen. lobster painting in kitchen

    A set of three seaweed prints above a dining table in a kitchen diner. They are our best selling kitchen prints.

    2. Botanical Kitchen Prints: 

    Introduce some nature-inspired artwork, such as botanical prints, to infuse your kitchen with a sense of freshness and serenity. It will work wonders in softening your kitchen space.

    Vintage floral paintings or leafy green fern prints can create a calming and organic atmosphere, counterbalancing the harder functional elements of the kitchen.

    Plants and nature bring positive and creative energy to our every day, making them popular choices for kitchen decor. Botanical wall art can also substitute if you, like us, don’t have the time or space for real plants.

    botanical art print in a kitchen above a shelf. Green fern art print in a kitchen

    A fern or flower art print in your kitchen space can soften the feel of the area and add movement.

    3. Abstract Kitchen Art: 

    For a modern and contemporary kitchen, consider abstract art that adds confident visual interest and a smart look.

    Abstract Art works amazingly in a smart kitchen. The bold shapes, vibrant, confident colours, or playful patterns compliment the modern style but also add something a little different. Modern design can sometimes feel hard, these prints will take the edge off that hardness.

    The above is why we love our knot prints because their shape and lines counter the straight lines in most kitchens.

    blue abstract art print in a modern kitchen

    This beautiful blue abstract print works perfectly in a kitchen. It adds a modern edge.

    4. Typography Prints For Your Kitchen: 

    Fun and inspiring, these prints can range from witty food quotes to motivational affirmations or personalised artworks that help kick-start your day on a positive note.

    Unlike other art forms, Typography prints make a uniquely engaging addition to your kitchen. In a different way to paintings, for example, they communicate very directly with you and add a conversational element to your kitchen.

    Our personalised map prints and books prints are especially popular as kitchen wall art and use typography really well.

    You can choose your favourite place, your holiday or your favourite quote or song. If you are struggling to add some personality to your kitchen, then these prints are for you!

    typographic art print in kitchen. Blue art print above kitchen island.

    What colours of art should you choose for your kitchen?

    Colour Harmony In Your Kitchen: Consider the existing colour palette of your kitchen when choosing kitchen artwork.

    If you want a really calm space, aim for pieces that harmonise with the overall colour scheme. If your kitchen features relaxing shades of blue or fresh green tones, find art that enhances these moods.

    If you already have a colourful kitchen, then prints with neutral colours can bring warmth to your kitchen and pair well with most colourful colour choices.

    If your kitchen needs some energy, choose some colourful art that radiates a splash of colour and injects some energy into the room. We love using art to add colour to a space rather than painting whole walls. It’s more considered and cheaper!

    We say decorate your kitchen with art, rather than redecorate your kitchen.

    red prawn painting in kitchen - framed orange kitchen art print
    The impact of these orange shellfish prints is amazing. They add an amazing pop to your kitchen decor.

    Choosing art for your kitchen is an opportunity to infuse flavour, personality, and style into the heart of your home.

    By embracing culinary themes, considering the aesthetics of your kitchen, and adding a personal touch, you can create an atmosphere that reflects your love for cooking and creates a warm and inviting feel to your decor.

    Let your kitchen art become a source of inspiration as you savour great food and moments spent with the family in your foodie haven.

    One of the most important things is to have fun with it! Choose art that you love, and that makes you happy. Your kitchen is your space, so make it reflect your personality.

    Don't be afraid to play around with different styles and mix and match styles. You can create a really interesting and eclectic look by mixing different styles of art together.

    Finally, if you are interested in looking at different styles of art that suit different kitchens and some kitchen art inspiration, then check out our shop-by-room pages, where we give examples of different interior styles and the art work that works with them.

    For example a farmhouse-style kitchen, we would choose artwork with a natural and vintage feel, such as landscapes or seascape prints. Make sure the artwork complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen space.

    If you would like more kitchen art tips or design tips and have any questions, please let us know.

    personalised kitchen art print - vintage map print of cornwall in kitchen

    You can never go wrong with a personalised print for your kitchen space. Remind yourself every day of happy memories or inspiring memories.

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