Geometric Art Prints and Solid Shape Art

      Geometric Art Prints and Solid Shape Art

      We have decided to put together a collection of our geometric wall art with a minimalist feel in one collection for you. 

      These prints are mainly monochrome and use organic and abstract shapes to create perfect interior art for your homes. 

      These artworks are the epitome of modern art with a coastal twist. These art prints will work in a beach house or just as well in a townhouse. 

      Our large geometric prints and shapes are inspired by solid organic forms and the world around us. Whether it is pebble stacks, sunsets or beach scenes, these prints have a coastal edge but aren't your typical beach art. They have a mid-century modern twist that will elevate your home decor.

      We have a set of pebble stacks inspired by being on holiday in Italy when the world pebble stacking championships were on. Who knew they had one? 

      Whilst walking along the beach, there were about 20 competitors stacking pebbles in all sorts of unique and impossible-looking ways. We took lots of photos of the pebble stacking competitor's work. We intended to use the images somehow, but they appeared pretty literal and cheesy when we got them back to the studio. They didn't have the abstract geometric feel we were looking for. 

      We then decided to create more abstract art prints to represent the silhouette of pebble stacks that worked for interior art. The result was bold pieces of interior art with large solid shapes and a confident feel. Perfect for above a sofa in your living room.

      If you are looking for something similar but with more of a defined outline, we have similar art pieces inspired by shell art. These prints use the silhouette of shells, and the repetition of their shapes is reflected and repeated to create geometric illustrations of stereotypical beach shells.

      We have added colour to this print collection by adding some simplistic sunset and sunrise geometric prints.

      These sunset prints are handpainted in our studio using retro colours and bold shapes. They simplify the beach scene into simple shapes or lines. We love these graphic prints in a hallway or stairwell for some areas. Trust us. They do look great.

      We also have a series of blue lire and abstract line art prints you should look out for. We will also be adding some abstract paintings we have been playing around with in the studio soon.

      All our prints use museum-quality art paper and are printed with vegan fade-resistant inks. You can get your print framed by us in handmade wooden frames so they're ready to hang when they arrive at your home.

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