How To Choose Wall Art For Your Bathroom

    Elevating Your Bathroom Space with Tranquillity and Style

    Set of three seaweed prints above roll top bath - bathroom art prints

    Three seaweed prints are the perfect way to soften your bathroom space and work amazingly well above a roll top bath.

    Your bathroom is more than just a utilitarian space — you can turn it into a sanctuary of relaxation with art

    While we often focus on functionality when designing our bathrooms, adding art to the walls can transform this space into an oasis of style and tranquillity. 

    Art has the power to change the atmosphere of your bathroom, soften hard surfaces, and add a touch of elegance to even the smallest of bathrooms.

    The hard surfaces and clean lines of bathroom fixtures can sometimes create a cold and less welcoming atmosphere. However, we would say this, art can soften these edges and infuse the space with warmth, personality, and interior interest.

    It's an opportunity to add a personal touch and elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom.

    Here's a comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect art for your bathroom:

    Coastal Art Print in bathroom - bathroom painting

    A crisp coastal painting on a wall by the bath and toilet adds a vocal point to your room.

    Finding the Focal Point of Your Bathroom

    Every room has a focal point— even your bathroom. In your bathroom, the focal point could be a stunning freestanding bathtub (wouldn’t everyone LOVE a roll-top bath), an elegant mirror or a beautiful rain shower?

    Identifying the focal point allows you to determine the best placement for your art and ensures that it complements and enhances the existing features of the space.

    For example, if you have a beautiful freestanding bathtub, consider hanging a large piece of art above it to create a captivating focal point that adds depth and visual interest. We also love a shelf above the bath and art and plants on the shelf. You get the double whammy of plants and art in your bathroom this way.

    With a shower or mirror, it can be slightly different. Place the art next to a mirror and sink, to enhance the space and the style of these pieces. As you can see in the image below, the traditional coastal art print enhances the sink and mirror area in the bathroom.

    If your shower is the main focus in your bathroom, place the art where you can see it in the shower.

    set of two abstract bathroom art prints above free standing bath - abstract blue bathroom art print

    Abstract art prints add movement and a modern touch to your bathroom.

    Enhancing Tranquillity by Choosing a Style Of Art For Your Bathroom

    1. Watery and Abstract Bathroom Art Pieces: Given the association of bathrooms with water, incorporating watery and abstract art can enhance the soothing coastal atmosphere of your bathroom. Abstract can also enhance a modern style of bathroom décor.

    Look for artwork featuring ocean waves, different blues and movement in them. These watery motifs can evoke a sense of calmness, take away from the hard surfaces and lines of the bathroom and create a spa-like ambience.

    set of two botanical art prints above bath - bathroom art prints

    A set of our seaweed prints add visual impact and a natural element to your space.

    2. Botanical Prints For Your Bathroom: Bathrooms often have hard surfaces and lack texture, making them feel less inviting and less welcoming in the morning.

    To counterbalance this, consider incorporating botanical art into your bathroom design. Our seaweed prints are some of our bestsellers, while our fern and vintage flower prints are great for bringing a natural feel to your bathroom decor.

    Botanical artworks add a touch of softness, natural beauty, and organic elements to your bathroom. We also love the calming colours of our botanical prints.

    The delicate, intricate details of fern leaves and the timeless charm of vintage floral prints create a visual contrast to the clean lines and hard surfaces, infusing the space with warmth and a soothing atmosphere.


    get naked bathroom print - fun bathroom art print

    Make yourself smile in the morning with some fun bathroom art

    3. Fun Bathroom Art: Design in the bathroom doesn't have to be serious, and is one of the places in your house where fun art can work really well.

    An easy way to inject some light-heartedness and playfulness into your space is with typographic art prints. There are lots of different types of word art prints, you choose an inspiring quote to motivate you in the bathroom, or something fun.

    Cornwall map print in bathroom - bathroom art print

    A map print or a personalised map print can remind you of your favourite place in the morning.

    4. Customise your bathroom with Personalised Prints: 

    You can make your bathroom unique by incorporating personalised art prints. Whether it is a favourite song or a map of your favourite place, it can be nice to be reminded of good memories and experiences every morning and evening. It can help you get your day off to a good start.

    How to choose the size of your art prints for your bathroom:

    The scale and size of the art is also an important consideration when choosing art for your kitchen.

    In a generously sized bathroom, you have the freedom to choose any type of art you like.

    You can be brave and bold with large artwork. An impressive, large art print above a roll-top bath not only adds visual interest but also adds an element of grandeur and confidence to your bathroom. This not only creates an alluring focal point but adds a touch of luxury, enhancing your overall bathing experience.

    However, don't feel limited to one large piece of art. Large bathrooms also offer the perfect canvas for a gallery wall.

    A carefully curated collection of smaller pieces can create an eye-catching display, providing an interesting contrast to the spaciousness of the room. Small prints can also help give a different feel to different parts of your bathroom.

    Experiment with different themes, colours, and frames to bring out your personal style.

    blue bathroom painting - coastal bathroom art print with boats

    A small art print can add interest and character to your bathroom.

    Selecting Art Prints for Small Bathrooms

    When it comes to smaller bathrooms, thoughtful placement and selection of art can make a big difference.

    A gallery wall can be a smart way to use the limited space. A mix of fun prints and personalised art pieces brings a splash of personality without taking up too much room.

    Remember, variety in size, shape, and subject matter can make your gallery wall more dynamic.

    For a more considered approach, one or two well-placed smaller pieces can also work well in a compact bathroom. Just as in larger bathrooms, placement is key: consider positioning a piece next to a mirror or on the wall opposite a shower to maximise impact without overwhelming the space.

    For an extra touch of creativity, consider adorning the walls of a small water closet with a gallery wall. This is a fun way to enliven a usually overlooked space, transforming it into a talking point for your guests.

    Cyan seaweed art print in bathroom above bath
    We love this large print above a free standing bath in a customers house.

    Most Importantly, buy Art Prints That You Like And Will Make You Happy.

    Whether you're working with a large or small bathroom, choosing art that reflects your personality and complements your space can transform your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary.

    By carefully selecting art that evokes tranquillity, complements the bathroom's decor, and reflects your personal style, you can transform your bathroom into a space that inspires, relaxes and rejuvenates.

    Don't be afraid to explore different art styles, experiment with placement and styles, and choose pieces that resonate with you.

    Remember, your bathroom is a space for self-care and personal indulgence; art is the perfect companion in creating a personal and inviting environment.

    If you want any more inspiration for choosing bathroom art, we have a shop-by-room page where you can see different bathroom interior styles and shop bathroom prints that will suit that décor. We find it a really great way to shop art for your bathroom.

    red seaweed print in bathroom - bathroom art print

    Our seaweed prints are some of our best selling art prints and will perfectly suit your bathroom.

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