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      Thoughtful Art Prints

      From Sweet Song Lyric Prints to Momentous Milestones: Capture and cherish your special memories with our custom prints.

      Here is a selection of our custom prints - search by theme below.

      Custom Maps

      Check out our collection of personalised map prints. These are perfect as unique gifts for new home owners, weddings and new borns.

      Find your favourite place and add the text you would like. Easy as pie!


      We have curated collection for each room in your house.

      Personalised Art Prints and Custom Quote Prints

      Personalised Art Prints and Custom Quote Prints

      Unique and Original Personalised Artwork

      If you are like us and want original art on your walls or to give thoughtful, unique gifts to friends and family, our personalised quote prints are perfect for you.

      This is a new way to buy prints with Beach House Art. It's like commissioning your original artwork without the price tag.

      How buying our personalised quote print works

      We have made it easy for you by creating products that have a single font, either 'Hand Drawn' or 'Vintage', and a colour.

      Just choose which font and colour you prefer.

      Now that you have done that, all you have to do is pop whatever you would like to say, your custom typography, into the text box on the product … and then we will do the rest.

      If you need inspiration on what to say, each product has inspiration images for each product. These are for personalised wedding gifts, customisable birthday gifts, and unique newborn presents, Christmas gifts and anniversary gifts, among others.

      TIP - We recommend keeping your text shorter if you want your custom quote print to be bold and more prominent; around 30-50 characters is best. If you want to write more on your print, go ahead.

      The more you write, the smaller the font size will be. That can also look great. We have had customers write their favourite song lyrics on maps, their favourite quote which look amazing or what they love about an area. 'Walking on Polzeath Beach at Sunset, Eating Fish and Chips in Padstow and Cycling Along the Estuary' for example.

      The world is your oyster, though with these wall art prints.

      Our graphic designers will ensure your custom design looks great before sending it off to our print studio to be printed and framed (if selected).

      You can choose between black, white, and natural frames for your art.

      We use museum-quality art paper for all our custom quote prints, and all our frames are handmade and use acrylic on the prints for safety in transit.

      All our custom prints come in unframed and framed options.

      Personalised framed prints are great for gifts as they arrive ready to hang. Our range of personalised print will grow each week, and we will be adding more destinations for the maps soon.

      Why Personalised Wall Art?

      We recently sat watching the repair shop on the BBC and got inspired by how emotional the objects people brought into the shop made people.

      They evoke memories of places, people, and happy times with friends and family and bring you closer to the fantastic memories we all share. It struck a chord with us because we started Beach House Art to bring our love of the coast, beaches and everything coastal into your homes.

      Like no other place, the beach can evoke memories and bring you back to a place of happiness and calm. That is how the idea of our custom art prints came about.

      Your interior and the art prints you have in your home can dramatically change your mood and the feel of a space.

      We have been overwhelmed with our reaction to our art print ranges and have now gone a step further with our personalised art prints. We like to think of our personalised prints as thoughtful gifts. Gifts for a wedding, newborn, birthday or yourself!

      Our personalised prints get to the heart of our mission – Thoughtful products and ones that enhance your home and life. Whether it is a personalised map with the name of your favourite beach or 'the Wilkinsons happy place,' we offer the opportunity for our customers to get truly unique pieces of art which mean something to them for their home.

      It's original home art with heart.

      Many people buy our custom artwork for their own houses, but pesonalised prints are great for gift ideas, and personalised framed prints are even better; all the recipient has to do is find a space on their walls to hang them.

      Adding a personal touch to a gift can mean much more to the recipient than something off the shelf. Our prints with your custom saying on shows you care and have put thought into the present, and because we leave the word art up to you, our custom prints work perfectly for a range of wall art gifts.

      Whether you're buying art as a present for a birthday, prints for newborns or custom artwork as a wedding gift, for fathers day or valentines day, you can be sure your friends or family will appreciate it more.

      A personalised Gift always means more!

      If you cant decide what you would like to say then check out our Map collection here or our book collection, which have sayings already on them.

      We have mighty fine art in all our collections, so please check them out.

      Why Buy Art Prints From Beach House Art?

      Your are supporting independent artists and a small business!

      All our prints are printed on museum-quality art paper and giclee printers, ensuring the colours are vibrant and last.

      Our inks are vegan, and we try to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging.

      Our wooden picture frames are handmade and made to order, so you can be sure the framed print you order will be the best quality.

      Thanks for looking at our collection of coastal wall art prints, beach art, and nautical wall art.

      Please get in touch if you're looking for personalised wall art or something special to give as an art gift, and you can't find it on the site. We would be happy to help.