TV Wall Design - Elevate Your Home Decor with Artful TV Styling

    Transforming Your TV Space To Elevate Your Interior - Explore our TV Wall Ideas

    Art print gallery wall around a tv - example of styling your tv

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    In our modern homes, the television often takes centre stage. But let's face it, as much as we love our binge-watching sessions, the TV isn't always the most aesthetically pleasing item.

    It's a black rectangle that often sticks out like a sore thumb. However, with a dash of creativity and a carefully curated collection of art, we can turn this technology into a seamless part of our décor.

    This guide is full of TV styling ideas to help you understand how to style a TV with art, or not and will help in transforming it from a stark media device into a sophisticated part of your interior. Read on for our simple tv wall design ideas.

    Dark painted wall behind tv to blend tv into decor. Tv styling

    Paint the TV Wall A Dark Colour

    One simple and effective TV styling tip to make your TV wall decor less of an eyesore is to paint the wall black or a dark colour. 

    This trick allows your TV to blend into the wall when it's turned off, reducing its visual impact in your room. 

    A feature wall is a bold option and may not be for everyone, so see below, for more decor ideas and basic designs for your living space.

    We thought we would start with our most challenging idea, so read on for some more simple suggestions and images below.

    Use Art To Distract Your Eye and Add Interest To The TV Wall

    Instead of letting your TV dominate the wall, consider incorporating it into a gallery wall, distracting the eye with a shelf or add a set of perfectly placed art prints. This artful TV design turns the TV into just another piece of art. Here are some specific arrangements to consider.

    1. Install a Shelf Above the TV 

    Place a shelf above the TV and decorate it with prints, plants, and vases. This TV and decor combination not only distracts the eye from the TV but also adds character to your space. It will quickly transform your television area from plain and soften the space.

    We love to use different sizes of frames and heights of ornaments, it creates interest and guides the eye around your interior. This idea can work with a wall mounted tv and TVs on media consoles. It's a particularly great option above a console though.

    Shelp and art print above tv, tv styling suggestion of using art print and shelf above television

    A shelf above the TV distracts the eye and take attention away from the big black box. We love a personalised map print in this layout. You can be reminded of your favourite place every time you binge watch tv.

    2. Surround Your TV with Art Prints 

    Arrange a selection of wall art around your TV, we think this works great when you tv is on a stand but can work really well when your television is mounted on the wall. 

    You could place one print on each side and four over the top for a stylish, curated look or if the TV is on the wall then feel free to do a more free form curation of art prints. This artful TV incorporates your TV into your styling and distracts from it, making your TV part of your interior design.

    large scandi print above a leather sofa

    Surround your TV with art and it can create a wall with personality and distract from the hardness of your television. Be eclectic and use a variety of styles.

    3. Create a Cluster to One Side  

    Draw the eye away from the TV by creating a cluster of art pieces on one side and over the top of the TV. This asymmetrical arrangement can add visual interest to your space and your living room wall. 

    If your room has a large window or doors to the outside, we like to arrange the cluster towards these so it draws your eye to the area of interest.


    abstract knot print above a bed

    The placement of the art prints in this example draws the eye away from the TV and adds height and movement to the design of your space.

    4. Style Your TV Console  

    This option is so simple and perfect if your TV is on a console.

    Consider decorating the console with art, vases, or other decor pieces. This can help to integrate the TV into your overall room design and make it feel less like a standalone piece. 

    This option is affordable easy and instantly takes the focus away from the TV.

    tv console styling with art prints

    We love to use abstract art in this situation. It blends into the space and doesn't distract from what you are watching. It also adds movement.

    Hide the TV Altogether 

    If you're willing to invest a bit more, consider hiding your TV behind sliding panels, a barn door, or even bifold art pieces. 

    This allows you to completely conceal your TV when it's not in use. We really like this if you incorporate the design with other thinks around the TV

    tv hidden by cupboard

    With these smart and stylish ideas, you can now elevate your TV from a mere entertainment gadget to an integral part of your home décor. 

    No longer a black hole in your living room, the TV can serve as a focal point or even blend seamlessly into your space. 

    Remember, the key is to experiment with different arrangements, and most importantly, make it represent your unique style. So, go ahead, it's time to give your TV the artful arrangement it deserves and create a space that's as beautiful as it is functional. 

    Whether you're looking for TV styling tips or TV styling inspiration, this guide has something for everyone.

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