How To Choose Wall Art For Your Bedroom

    Our Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Art Prints For Your Bedroom And Your Style

    Set of three seaweed art prints above a bed

    A set of three seaweed paintings above a bed in house in Cornwall - Shop our Seaweed Collection Here

    As your personal sanctuary, your bedroom is the place where you start and end your day and where you rest and recharge. 

    Have you spent lots of time getting the décor of your bedroom just right, but there is something missing? 

    Creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom largely hinges on the art you choose to display. The art you select for this space should resonate with your personality and set the tone of your bedroom space.

    Art prints can be the final touch that brings your whole interior scheme together.

    So, how do you choose the perfect wall art for your bedroom?

    infographic showing how high you should hang your art above your bed - the bottom of your art print should be 20cm above the bedhead

    In general art prints should be about 20cm above the headboard of your bed

    1. Identify your bedroom's focal point.

    Like in your living room, the focal point in your bedroom is normallythe first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. 

    This could be the bed, a chimney breast, or even a large window with a beautiful view. The art you choose should enhance this focal point and be placed on or near it.

    For instance, if the focal point is your bed, consider hanging a large piece of art or a couple of prints above the bed's headboard to draw the eye and create some interest above the bed.

    If your bed faces a chimney breast, consider a large print or a gallery wall above the fireplace and then put wardrobes either side.

    The simple tips above will ensure your bedroom art creates a statement and adds to your bedroom walls and doesn't take away.

    art print gallery wall above a bed in a coastal home

    The focal point is often above the bed, especially if the bed is facing the door. This a really simple and effective galley wall in a house in Cornwall

    2. Reflect on the desired atmosphere of your bedroom.

    You can choose bedroom wall art to accentuate the desired atmosphere in your bedroom. 

    Whether you want your room to have a sense of calm, romantic or motivating atmosphere, art prints can be an instant way to create a feeling in your room or to change the mood of the space.

    Below are some bedroom picture ideas for how to achieve different moods with your art.

    Serene and Calming

    If you want to create a serene and tranquil environment, opt for artwork with soft colours, such as pastels or neutral tones. Landscape / Seascape paintings, subtle abstracts, or pieces with a gentle flow, botanical prints work amazingly well, and can contribute to a soothing mood.

    The bedroom should be a restful space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Use artwork to create that feeling and end up with a beautiful bedroom that feels chilled.

    a set of three abstract art prints above a bed - blue wall art above bed

    A set of our Abstract wave prints look perfect above a bed - they were recently featured in House Beautiful

    Romantic and Intimate

    For those who want to create a romantic or intimate mood, artwork featuring a warm, rich colour scheme and using more passionate colours can be effective.

    Abstract pieces with colourful and fluid shapes or one of our book prints can create a more intimate atmosphere. 

    Colour can make a room feel more romantic. Choose artwork with deeper tones, such as red. Red art can be that one statement piece that transforms your bedroom decor.


    Inspiring and Motivating

    If you want your bedroom to be a source of motivation for the day ahead, consider choosing artwork that inspires you. 

    This could be a favourite quote, an uplifting scene, or a print that reminds you of something that brings you joy. This could be a saying, a favourite song lyric or title or a special place from holidays.

    set of personalised art prints above a bed

    This set of two personalised map prints are up in a customers house in Scotland. We love the sayings, they're inspiring and romantic.

    3. Decide on the size of the artwork for your bedroom.

    The size of your artwork plays a significant role in its overall impact. Do you want one large piece of art above your bed or a couple of medium prints or a gallery wall of mixed pieces?

    One large print can make a powerful statement, draw the eye and create a clean and smart feel to your room, while smaller pieces can add nuanced touches of style and personality.

    A large bedroom print

    One large piece of wall art above you bed can look amazing. It can create a really confident, clean look. Just remember not to try and fit a large piece of art into a space that isn’t big enough. 

    Big art prints look great with a little bit of space around them, so consider your bedhead height and your ceiling height.

    Medium Bedoom Artwork

    Medium prints are a great compromise, they mean you can have some fun with scale and get more than one print to reinforce the look you are going for. This is a perfect option if you have a high bed head, see below.

    Small wall art

    Small art prints are perfect for adding lots of personality to a bedroom. They are great for leaning on a shelf above your bed, go for different sizes of prints of your shelf to guide the eye. 

    They are also great if you aren’t sure you wan’t just one style of art in your room. An eclectic mix can work amazingly and great a mix of atmosphere in your room.

    Pro Tip: Check out our blog on how to create a gallery wall here.

    art print and plants on shelf above bed - shelf styling with wall art

    This beautiful bedroom if from one of our customers, the use of a shelf and a medium sized print created interest and using a shelf means you can change the decor easily. Night fleet is one of our original paintings from the studio.

    4. Consider the colour palette of your room.

    The colour palette of your bedroom can guide your art selection and wall art decor. 

    You can choose art that complements the existing colours in your bedroom, or pick pieces that provide a contrasting pop of colour for added interest. Going with colour is a great way to start your journey on which art prints to buy.

    If you have an all-white bedroom, then consider more colourful pieces to bring some live into the room and to add some drama.

    If your room is neutral, then consider something that compliments and works in harmony with those warm tones. Think beiges and browns and even some botanical prints.

    Black and white photography can also work amazingly well in a neutral room.

    black and white photography prints above bed

    5. Choose a style of artwork that you love.

    The most important consideration when choosing art for your bedroom is that it should resonate with you personally. Go with your personal style.

    Whether you prefer abstract art, landscapes, portraits, or something else entirely, the art in your bedroom should be something that you love and that speaks to your personal aesthetic.

    Choosing art for your bedroom is a highly personal journey. Take your time to explore different options, and ultimately, select pieces that transform your bedroom into the peaceful sanctuary you want it to be.

    set of three watercolour paintings above bed in coastal home. set of three art prints above bed

    Our customers love these prints, they are our best selling prints on the site and are perfect for a serene and calm bedroom.

    We have a whole section of our website dedicated to shopping art prints by rooms in your home - so check out our shop by room page and especially our Bathroom Art Page.

    Here are some handy tips for you:

    · Hang your art about 20cm above your bedhead, if possible.

    · When hanging two or more pieces of art, treat the grouping as one and follow the eye level rule for this one, combined art set. Find the centre of the cluster of pictures and work out from there.

    · Don’t place the art too close or far apart from each other. Normally go for 2 – 4 inches apart, depending on the size of the prints. Lay them on the bed or floor if you need to check.

    · If you aren’t hanging your prints above anything, like on a chimney breast, then opt for eye-height hanging. Most galleries go for 57 inches or around 145 cms for the centre of the print. Remember, this is for the centre of the print!

    Check out our Instagram and blogs for more decor ideas and bedroom ideas from our customers. We hope you find the perfect piece of wall decor for your bedroom and please show us any pictures!

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