Often overlooked in the bedroom, bedroom art is an incredibly easy & affordable way to create mood and atmosphere - in any room of the home. Read our guide on how to choose art for your bedroom walls. 


    The beauty of wall art is that you can just move your art prints around your home, trying them in different locations, depending on your mood, the seasons or your wall decor or layout choices. This makes art a quick and simple way to transform your interior, adding new personality and character to tired spaces for an instant uplift. 

    Start by asking yourself the 3 questions below...


    We Have A Bedroom Art Page Here, If you would like more inspiration.

    1. How do you want your bedroom to make you feel?

    Firstly, determine what sort of mood are you trying to set for your bedroom interior; calming and relaxing or passionate and full of energy - this is probably not the best choice if you’re looking to curl up with a book at 9pm.

    2. What's style is your bedroom, and what is it used for?

    Plan your bedroom design harmoniously and choose art that will suit your style and your personality. Keep in mind what your sleeping space already looks and feels like; the colours, textures, linens, the light - whether this is natural sunlight or the lamps and lights, even candles that you have in your room. Not all rooms will suit loads of art and a gallery wall. How much time do you spend there, at which times of the day, and for what purpose? Is it purely somewhere to lay your head, or does it double as your office or living space? Wall art is a particularly good way to zone parts of the same room, for instance, if you live in a studio apartment - placing different types of art in different areas will help you to create areas within the space.


    3. Which type of art is popular in bedrooms?

    Most people crave a relaxing, tranquil space to which they can retreat at the end of a long day. Soft furnishings, subdued lighting and muted colours are popular choices of art for bedrooms and general bedroom decor.



    Our top picks for bedroom art styling 

    Coastal Retreat

    Create a watery sanctuary with cool colours and soft abstracts. An all-white bedroom with a natural wooden floor and lots of sunlight is the perfect backdrop for creating a calming coastal atmosphere, filled with soft blue tones and natural linens and fluid shapes.

    Coastal art is a great perfect for recreating that beach-holiday relaxation vibe.

    Bedtime Stories

    Bring back the nostalgia with vintage-style book cover art, and make up your own bedtime stories. We love these word art prints for any bedroom

    Underwater Love

    Fill your walls with seascapes, sea-creatures & seaweed - which will all help you de-stress and float away effortlessly.

    Lose yourself in Marble Surf - a mesmerising photo of sea foam

    Dark & Moody

    Fluid, monochrome, scandi art prints help set the scene when you want to turn the lights low. Black and white art suits any room.

    Bedtime Lullaby 

    If music and words are more your style, lyric art or typographical art prints in coastal colours can be both stylish and uplifting - consider this your morning mantra.

    Lyric and Typography art prints

    Working from home? 

    Does your bedroom need to double as your office space? Try using art prints to segment your space. 

    This simple yet striking photographic print is a great choice to place above a desk or works space in a bedroom which doubles as a home office.

    And, if you’ve ever tried meditation you’ll be familiar with the analogy of letting your thoughts float by as if they were clouds - to combat stress and anxiety. You'll be floating on a cloud in no time. Just don't get too relaxed. 

    Kid's Bedroom Art

    Whilst children's bedrooms also need a calming ambience to them, many kids bedrooms are also  play spaces, so they can also be jolly and fun. 

    Bright and bold art prints can help stimulate the senses, whilst typographical prints can assist with speech and reading.

    Romantic Getaway

    Stir up some happy memories of meaningful or romantic travel destinations with soft-palette vintage map art prints to remind you of your special place. Wall decor with a sentimental touch works so well in a bedroom.

    But what about that loving feeling?

    If you’re looking to set a romantic vibe, reds and oranges are fun and flirty. These are full of fiery passionate energy so they may keep you up all night! 

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