8 Inspirational Art Pieces for Your Home

    Whether you’re looking for something fun to hang on your wall or some more meaningful wall art, read on for art prints that are sure to inspire you. 

    8 Inspirational Art Pieces for Your Home

    These beautiful images are printed on high-quality museum paper, using Giclee printing, so the colours are vibrant and show your prints at their best. We can also frame each print in natural wood, black and white colours, so it will compliment your interior scheme or home decor. 

    The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches….and art...


    If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know how amazing it feels to put your feet in the sand, relax and enjoy nature in the big outdoors. We use the beach as a constant inspiration for our art, and here are two perfect pieces of modern art for your home. 

    These two prints are sure to bring back beach day memories for you. The first is one of our best-selling books, ‘Let’s Go Surfing’. Even when is winter or bad weather, you never regret going for a swim or a surf. 

    The second is a fun take from our typography and word art range, Hola Beaches in Orange. Can you tell we have a few graphic designers in our art studio?

    The burnt orange colour is really on trend right now, especially in the bedding world, so why not match your art.

    We recently hung 'Let's go Surfing' in the living room of a house in Cornwall and we think you'll agree it looks great. 


    A View from Above - Aerial Beach Photography

    There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing the world from a different perspective. 

    BEACH ALL-SORTS Aerial Beach Photography

    These beautiful images capture unique places from a different perspective and are perfect pieces of wall art for any space. Having one of these amazing photographs or prints on your wall will instantly take you back to the coast and beach.  

    At One with Nature

    Plants and all things natural in the home can uplift and calm your mood. You don’t need a plethora of indoor plants, especially if you don’t have the space for them or the time to look after them, you can use prints as a wall decoration and still get the natural feel. 


    A great alternative to plants are art prints that have a natural and organic feel. Check out these two amazing prints we have picked that will completely change the feel of your home. 

    Sale Off
    Cyan Algae: Vintage Seaweed Print - Framed Print - Beach House Art
    Sale Off
    L'Abime - Graphic Wall Art - Framed - Beach House Art

    The first is from our range of Seaweed, which we will be adding to soon with our range of hand-pressed seaweed and ink paintings. This cyan seaweed print is an amazing bathroom piece, where surfaces are often hard and inorganic.

    The second is a perfect art print to add some lush greenery to your room. The inspiration was taken from vintage wallpapers and it is a beach house art original.


    Where is your happy place?

    Sam & Griff on the beach at Harlyn Bay, Cornwall 

    We all have that special place that we’ve been to, either on holiday or where we used to live, that will always remain in our hearts. Our wide range of vintage maps will help you remember those great days with friends and family and inspire you to make more memories with them.

    Why not mix your favourite place with fine art? Below we are in our favourite places in Polzeath Cornwall and on the Isle of White. We have a huge range of locations, so it's easy to find yours.

    Brian & Griff beachcombing in Cornwall

    Sarah walking the coastal path on the Isle of Wight

    Our "Happy Place" maps are all currently based in the UK but if you have a happy place that isn’t listed, get in touch as we have hundreds of maps waiting for you. 

    Check out our Instagram for inspiration from some of our customers who have used them as the centrepiece of gallery walls too.

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