Seaweed Print Wall Art (Fan Weed No2) - Framed

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      Seaweed Print Wall Art (Fan Weed No2) - Framed - Beach House Art
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      Hand Pressed Seaweed Prints and Art

      Beautiful wall art prints of hand-collected, delicate British red seaweed pressings, which we have made into Seaweed prints for you. Ideal for the coastal interior decorator in us all and botanical art is very on trend right now.

      This specimen is Papery Fan Weed (Stenogramma interruptum). Plants generally consist of 1 to 4 flattened, fan-shaped fronds, 10cm to 20cm (4" to 8") long. The plants are soft and rose-red when young becoming stiff, papery and brownish-red when older.

      Hand-collected, delicate British red seaweed from the beaches of Cornwall and the UK’s South Coast, carefully pressed and made into beautiful prints for your interior. Botanical art is very on trend right now. These prints perfectly capture the ever-popular coastal interior decor style, which is known for its light, relaxing, and inviting nature. 

      These are stunning examples of the best varieties of British botanical seaweeds, that have been sustainably collected along the shores of our coastline.

      The seaweed specimens are meticulously prepared for pressing, layering each one with watercolour paper under a heavy weight until dry. It's quite like flower pressing, but we think the art of arranging the seaweed’s delicate branches is more time-consuming.

      The process can take a couple of weeks to get them 100% perfect. The dried seaweed is then scanned in high-definition and colour matched to ensure the print will be exactly the same colour and tone as the original, natural specimen.

      Hey presto, we now have an amazing range of seaweed art prints and may start a wider collection of natural marine art in the near future!

      All our prints are high-quality, giclée prints on heavy, premium paper (200gsm) with a smooth matte finish.

      Our beautiful frames are handmade from high-quality, FSC-certified wood and finished with a satin finish. The profile is simply square – a contemporary classic.

      Delivered to your front door from us – ready to hang.

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      - At least 80% of our collection will always be original designs, created in our UK based studio. Art you won't find anywhere else.

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      Museum quality prints

      - We only use high quality fine art papers and inks with a beautiful smooth matte finish, rich colours and crisp details

      - We print using state of the art giclée printers

      -Our paper is premium archival & FSC certified

      - Our inks are waterbased & vegan friendly


      Each frame is handmade to order.

      Each frame adds 3cm to each length of your print. So a 30cm x 40cm print will be 33cm x 43 cm framed

      - We only use sustainably sourced wood that is FSC certified

      - We use acrylic for greater durability & UV protection

      - Your print arrives ready to hang with a back fixing.