We Print Custom Maps of Your Favourite Places!

      Discover the Magic of Personalised Map Prints and Print Your Cherished Memories on Our Beautiful Vintage Maps.

      Seize the moment and bring your treasured memories to life with our custom map prints. There's no better way to remember your favourite places and experiences. Each piece blends creativity, passion, and a personal touch.

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      We have an amazing selection of book covers for you to personalise. Celebrate your favourite song, a birthday or a wedding.

      All Map Art

      If you need some inspiration or don't want a personalised art map, check out our ever popular Map Art collection.

      Here you will find our whole collection of destinations and typography, so you can bring your happy place into your home.


      We have curated collection for each room in your house.


      Personalised Map Prints - Custom Map Prints - Find Your Happy Place

      Personalised Map Prints - Custom Map Prints 

      Unique Custom Maps Printed for Your Home or as a Thoughtful Gift

      Check out our personalised map prints and get your very own custom maps printed by us on museum-quality paper.

      If you are like us and want original art on your walls or to give thoughtful, unique gifts to friends and family, or want to commemorate a meaningful event, then you've come to the right place.

      Explore our collection of vintage maps featuring a range of UK counties and cities. Each map has been carefully sourced and selected for its vintage charm, colours and character. We are biased, but we think they are perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your home or office.

      With our customisation options, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind map by adding your own word art and font on top.

      Choose the location that's most meaningful to you, whether it's the place you grew up, where you met your partner or your favourite holiday destination.

      How buying our personalised map print works

      First Choose the location of the Map you would like. We have a range of cities and counties to choose from. Our maps of holiday locations seem to be the most popular.

      We have made it easy for you by creating products that have a single font, either 'Hand Drawn' or 'Vintage', and a colour.

      Just choose which font and colour you prefer.

      Now that you have done that, all you have to do is pop whatever you would like to say, your custom word art, into the text box on the product … and then we will do the rest and place it on your custom map.

      If you need inspiration on what to say, each product has inspirational images for happy place maps, personalised wedding gifts, where we first met prints, our first date maps etc.

      TIP - We recommend keeping your text shorter if you want your custom quote print to be bold and more prominent on the map; around 30-40 characters is best. If you want to write more on your print, go ahead. The more you write, the smaller the font size will be. That can also look great.

      We have plenty of inspiration examples on our products and also on our Instagram page.

      The world is your oyster, though, with these map wall art prints.

      One of the most popular ways customers are buying is to use them as welcome home maps. Just find the location of where you have a house and either use the house name or your family name.

      A special date can also be great for an engagement map print. Just add the date and location eg your names onto a city map or a county map. These can work well as an engagement gift for your children or friends.

      Map gifts are great as an anniversary gift for your 1st anniversary, as it is paper. Paper is the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary.

      Our graphic designers will ensure your custom design looks great before sending it off to our print studio to be printed and framed. Just leave a note on your order if you would like to see the mock-up of your print and we will send over a proof before we print.

      You can choose between black, white, and natural framed maps.

      All our custom prints come in unframed and framed options. Personalised framed prints are great for gifts as they arrive ready to hang.

      Our range of personalised print will grow , and we will be adding more destinations for the maps very soon, but if you need a specific map location for your print, then use the chat on the website or email us at hello@beachhouseart.co.uk and we will find the perfect map for you.

      Why Personalised map prints?

      Firstly we love maps! Especially vintage ones, we love their details and the feel of the vintage paper.

      With the addition of words being overlayed to the map prints, they add a modern twist but also a personal touch and a sense of place to your art. 

      Interiors and your homes are personal, and so should your art. Custom maps do just that. The artwork is interior-friendly, unique, and something nobody else has.

      Our collection of maps cover most of the UK and we add to the collection all the time.

      About Our Wall Art

      All our map posters are printed on museum-quality art paper and we use giclee printers, ensuring the colours are vibrant and last.

      Our inks are vegan, and we try to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging.

      Our wooden picture frames are handmade and made to order, so you can be sure the framed print you order will be the best quality.

      You can buy art ready to hang as soon as it arrives at your door.

      Please take a look at our other collection of coastal wall art prints, beach art, and nautical wall art.

      Thank you for supporting independent artist and a small company!