our exclusive collection of sea paintings by claire howlett, the image shows an expressive blue and grey painting of the ocean, framed in a natural wood frame in the floor infront of white painted panelling

      Claire Howlett Art Prints

      We are very proud to introduce the amazing Claire Howlett as our first-ever guest artist with her collection, Coastal Visions.

      Brian, our creative director, has been collaborating closely with Claire to curate the finest collection possible for you.

      He says, "Claire's art is special. She creates amazing energy and movement in her paintings, which transports you straight to the coast. Her paintings are an immersive experience, conjuring the sea breeze, the sound of the ocean and the tang of salt in the air. Claire's creations are a perfect choice for those seeking prints that resonate with the soul and awaken seaside reveries. She is our inaugural guest artist because her work does not just capture views, it captures feelings.

      These expressive sea paintings are exclusively available as prints at Beach House Art.

      Collection list

      Coastal Visions by Claire Howlett: Exclusive Beach and Sea Paintings

      Embrace the coastal charm with our exclusive collection, 'Coastal Visions' by Claire Howlett, featuring stunning sea and beach paintings that bring the serenity of the seaside to your home. Each piece is a gateway to the coast, designed to resonate with the soul and stir seaside memories.

      From stormy seascapes to tranquil beach horizons, our prints offer a spectrum of coastal experiences. They’re perfect for creating a focal point or enhancing the calm in any room, whether it's through the dramatic flair of stormy seas or the peaceful aura of sandy beaches.

      Our commitment to quality and sustainability is unmatched. We use museum-grade paper, vegan inks, and eco-friendly packaging to ensure that our beautiful planet remains unharmed, mirroring the pristine nature of the oceans we depict.

      Explore 'Coastal Visions' to find that perfect statement piece or subtle accent that's not just art, but a lasting impression of the sea's timeless beauty.