Welcome to our Shop by Room page, where we offer a convenient way for you to discover the perfect art prints to enhance every space in your home!

      Whether you're searching for a statement piece for your living room, a serene landscape for your bedroom, or a playful print for your kid's room, our Shop by Room page is designed to provide you with inspiration and a helping hand.

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      Map Art

      Here are our selection on Vintage Map Prints. We have a collections for lots of destination, so hopefully you can easily find your happy place.


      Shop Art by Room

      Shop Art By Room for your Home

      Transform your living space into a place you love to be with art that inspires you every day.

      At Beach House Art, we believe that every room in your home deserves a unique and personal touch, which is why we offer a simple and easy way to elevate the look and feel of every room with our curated collections of art prints by room.

      Shop our Curated Collections

      We like this way of shopping for art because it allows you to easily find pieces of wall art that will work well in specific rooms of your home.

      We have curated collections of art prints by room, selected by our art studio, interior designers, and customers.

      Our collections include art for the bedroom, art for the kitchen, living room art, and art for the bathroom, making it easier for you to find the perfect pieces for your space.

      Find Your Personal Style

      There is something for everyone in our wide range of art prints, and we offer pieces of art to suit everyone's personal style.

      Whether you're looking for something minimalist and modern or bold and colourful for the kid's room, we have the perfect piece of wall art to complement your style and elevate the look of your room.

      Inspirational Prints for your Home Interior

      We understand that it can be hard to visualise what art prints will work in your home and whether they will go with your other wall decorations. That's why every section has inspirational images to help you see what your house could look like.

      We offer in-room visualisations on each collection theme and complementary prints to offer variety.

      Our team of interior designers and customers also have hand-picked a selection of prints that are sure to make a statement in any room, so if you're looking for something a little different for your home decor, we've got you covered.

      Buying Art Prints Online Made Easy

      Buying art online should be easy, so all our mighty fine art comes unframed or as framed art prints straight to your door.

      Our prints only use museum-quality paper and all our frames are handmade.

      Discover Your Beach House Art Style

      Our art prints have been designed with our customer's homes in mind, and we've always thought of our art as 'Home Art' or 'House Art'.

      We want to help you discover your Beach House Art style, so explore our collections, and find the perfect art prints for your home.

      If you need any help please get in touch.